ROULT was founded in 2012 by students and teachers currently studying in ITESM (Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey) Laguna Campus who were invited by MET MEX PEÑOLES © to participate in First Robotics Competition. An invitation was sent for local high schools in the city of Torreon to enter the competition, and many accepted the challenge. Other high schools in the city entered the tournament too, making four in total.

The first soon-to-be members of ROULT didn’t even know what awaited them. They were enrolled in the robotics workshop in their senior year of high school, and expected that the robotics workshop would have ordinary class activities. Nevertheless, that year proved to be radically different.

They named their team ROULT, which stands for Respect, Optimism, Unity, Loyalty and Teamwork. After six weeks of hard work they went to the regionals in Manchester, New Hampshire. After the regional competition where they won several prizes, afterwards they qualified for the championship at Saint Louis, Missouri.

During the autumn of 2012, the veterans of the team passed on the flag to the 2013 generation, which is ready to face new challenges.

The second generation of ROULT successfully achieved the goal of building the Ultimate Ascent Robot, which competed at Las Vegas Regional. This team was characterized by a great sense of union and team work. At Las Vegas Regional, we obtained the Entrepeneurship Award, one of the most prestigious awards at FIRST.

After having two teams which had no prior experience, we decided to open the invitation to freshmen and sophomore students at our highschool, as well as having jr mentors, which are ex-ROULT students, helping actively on the team.