Social Impact

ROULT has been narrowly linked to its community since its establishment. The first generation of ROULT team members acknowledges the immense help it received from its close academic community of fellow students, parents, and teachers. It was through countless manners that the people akin to the members of the team helped ROULT. Fellow students eagerly helped in fundraising sales projects when the team was in dire needs of funds. Teachers and mentors from our sponsor institutions helped the team with technical knowledge, and more importantly, by making the team members know they were not alone in their project. The veteran team would also like to thank their parents and guardians as they allowed them to pull all-nighters in campus and helped them in numerous small details which made the construction of the robot possible.

FIRST is an organization with a big purpose in mind: Showing the real value of science and technology by spreading it through generations of kids and adolescents by the means of a competition in which we have to create a robot. It is well known that the robot ends up being just an excuse for all the good moments and skills we develop throughout the making process. Working and learning while you are having fun, with the necessary safety features. The fellowship that we create after many hours of work show us that things are working. And those amazing experiences are what we love to share with our school community, region and country.

It is known that Mexico is a country where public school has short budgets, so many of the country's young minds don’t have the opportunity to develop their talents and knowledge. We are also conscious that is impossible to help the whole country, so we decided to share our opportunities with kids from our region. We do this because they will have a good time learning, and we will influence them so they have a vision of what would they like to be as an adult, and then it will encourage the next generation of successful kids.

Brilliant (2014 - present)

Brilliant is Roult's way to expand the reach of Curiosity, by working side by side with Mexico's Secretariat of Education (SEP), Team 4403 was able to reach the minds of young stuents from our region, spreading the message of First and its love for Science and Technology.

This program was made by the leaders who worked hard in Curiosity, and it is a way for Roult to continue it mission and influence in the community.

Brilliant was created as a non-profit student organization created by enthusiastic students who wish to share their knowledge with high quality tutoring in subject as English, Math, Physics, Biology, etc.

With the dedication of our team members we offer this tutoring during the whole year. To inspire the love for engeneering in these kids.    

Laguna Robot Challenge (2015 - present) and Laguna Robot Camp (2016 - present)

With the goal of introducing kids into robotics and technologies, this year we ran for the third time the “Laguna Robot Challenge”, thinking on how important it is to ignite the spark to get kids interested in robotics. The challenge was also complex for us because we decided to design the PCB circuit and the mechanical robot. We even created an app called “Laguna Robot Challenge” to control the robot. It hadn’t been possible without the knowledge we got from the FRC program. Kids were so interested in it that we had teams trying to sign-up for the event the day before. About 10 schools participated in the event, half of them were inter-city schools sponsored by Roult with money earned from different fundraising activities. The event was so successful that it appeared on the local news and two local newspapers. Not only that, we also ran for the first time the “Laguna Robot Camp” which was the summer edition of “Laguna Robot Challenge” with a little twist. We imparted a one-week course for the children before they competed, so they could be more aware of what they were doing.  Our objective was to give kids who otherwise would not be able to participate the opportunity to be part of a competition similar to  FIRST. It was a huge challenge, but at the end all the effort was worth it a hundred percent. We guided the kids to build their first robot. We were driven to help them because the smiles we create may last for a moment, but the young participants will remember those moments forever.

Hour of Code (2014 - present)

Nowadays communications technology is present everywhere, and having and using an app for your cellphone is more common than breathing. However, what it is not common is programming those apps or games. Children and adults in general don’t know where they come from or how easy it is to build them. Four years ago the team decided to give the children the opportunity to create their own games and apps. To accomplish such a challenge, three years ago we started to offer in our school campus an Hour of code event. This website believes that computer science is for everyone and is something absolutely anyone with a computer and access to internet can learn.

Semana I (2016)

Pursuing the spread of FIRST in our community and the acquisition of funds for the construction of the robot, we were part of the “Semana Emprendedora” last year. This event is carried out during “Semana I” in every campus of ITESM in Mexico (our high school). It consists of more than 50 teams of first semester university students whose objective is to get the most profit selling a product or service in one week with a seed capital of $2000.00 mexican pesos. All the utilities of the participant teams were donated to different organizations, of which one is our team Roult. We approached the participants to talk about FIRST and Roult, with the objective to inform them how they were going to help us by donating, but most importantly, that they get to know that science and technology is something important to bet for. We had such a good impact that we received $30 000.00 mexican pesos in donation from the participant teams. Not only our school was involved but all the people that contributed to support the participant teams so they could support several organizations and accomplish the project. This made our city get to know in a better way what FIRST does and its primordial mission in our society.

Public Presentations (2012 -present)

With the purpose of announcing to our community the existence of FIRST and Roult 4403, our team was part of several public presentations. Most the people were delighted at the sight of a small group of young people controlling a robot with laptops and controllers. Curiosity persuaded them to visit our small working place. The joy expressed in the face of the visitors was shocking for the team, we could not believe the interest people had in meeting our robot.

We introduced them to the values that FIRST has taught us throughout the years: Coopertition, innovation, scientific and technological advances through engineering, and self-confidence. Everyone was delighted by the robot's performance. Then, we let any volunteer operate the robot with the help of a team veteran. A large group of kids started a line in order to have a turn to interact with the robot. Roult made sure that the participants were aware of the existence of FIRST, especially little kids that had a spark of curiosity awakened by their time with the robot. Families, especially little kids, left our working place with a smile that reflected the positive impact we seek for our community. It was a pleasure for the team to participate in such an important experience. We finished the day with a feeling of accomplishment because the team achieved the goal of enriching our community, while helping expand the knowledge of FIRST’s mission.

ROULT in Local News (2016)

Roult 4403 has been present in the news lately. After winning the Mexico City Regional, when we returned to our city several TV stations invited us to talk about the competition. We took the opportunity to talk about the FIRST experience and how important it was for us to be part of a community like that. We also made an open invitation for everyone to join FIRST and any team there is in the region because it is a unique experience that changes your life forever.

Curiosity (2013)

The project Curiosity is an audacious off-shoot of an established philanthropic venture which already existed in the campus, which is Academy. A student now member of the team was the founder of this project, which sought to teach basic courses of English to the children of the various workers in the high-school, such as janitors and security guards, who had no means in their homes to get the resources which are available in the campus. This project rapidly evolved, adding more topics to its curriculum and more students and teachers to its academic effort. Math, computer sciences, French, and creative studies were added, and many students from the campus flocked to the call.

When the time came and the teachers who had worked in Academy entered ROULT, a vertiginous shit was made in the plan. The founder of the project decided that FRC mission could be tremendously beneficial to the community, if the manpower (or teaching-power) of Academy and FRC could be united in a cooperative and efficient way through the members of ROULT. Therefore, using the scope which fuels FRC mission which is to bring engineering and mathematics to young people (not only members of FRC, but all young people that can be reached) the project Curiosity was started.

Using the same basis as Academy, Curiosity had a much more scientific and empirical scope on teaching, applied computer sciences, practical English were taught to children from nearby middle school boys and girls, in order to introduce them into the amazing world of modern science. Currently, Curiosity is already on the way to adding hard sciences to its curriculum, so that every young man and woman in our community has the opportunity to learn.

LEGO Workshop (2015)

The Lego Workshop, a specialized and selective project was taken by the members of ROULT. This project was made to introduce middle school students to basic engineering concepts and applications using the First Lego League © using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robot sets which were on campus. A specialized program was established, for 10 classes undertaken once a week.

The teachers in this workshop were all ROULT team members, and they guided the students by only showing them the theoretical concepts and giving them challenges using their kits. The program was already based in the FLL basic engineering challenges. The members of the workshop were introduced to engineering concepts such as design, construction, programing and testing.

During all of the classes the members of the workshop were divided into teams made randomly in order for each team to complete the challenge. Once the theory had been given to them, the members were left to their own devices and creativeness to come up with a design solution and build it to win the challenge. All the members enjoyed the workshop, and it served to influence their vocational instincts which became more inclined toward mechanics, math, engineering and design. The workshop was an FRC on a microscopic scale as it was an enjoyable experience in which both members and guides shared their love for robots.

The teachers also learned of the difficulties of being referees in a robotic competition, and now feel a close empathy for the organizers of FRC, which year after year have to go through the delicate task of setting the rules in a robotic competition.

Through these projects, ROULT hopes to live by the mission statement of FRC and to help its community in its cultural, social and especially technological development.

ROULT Scholarship (2014 - present)

In November, 10, 2014, ROULT Team hosted an event in which a scholarship to enter our high school was awarded. The event consisted in a 3 hour long course for jr. high school students, in robotics and programming. The course covered the basics of computer science, introducing the students to a robot simulator called "Karel The Robot". After instructing students, a 2 hour long contest held place. During the contest, students were able to apply the knowledge gained in the previous lessons to solve practical problems in the software "Karel the Robot". The winning student was awarded with a 50% scholarship in our highschool.

This year we decided, in collaboration with our high school, to offer scholarships with a little competition using the Hour of code resources. Around 25 students willing to enter our high school were part of this competition. Thirty percent of the students that attended were girls.  We are looking forward to keep encouraging students in our community to be part of our high school, our robotics team and the FIRST experience. At the end of the event participants were very excited to have had the opportunity to finally demonstrate their skills and passion for STEM.